[Spridgets] really dumb question, dont laugh

Mark Haynes haynes386 at netzero.net
Thu Jun 2 08:34:04 MDT 2011

OK, I'll weigh in now. I just put the engine back into the MKII after 15
years, transmission included. Did a clutch on the BE July 1 last year. the
engine/trans install is easier in the BE because you don't have the front
apron in the way (in front of the radiator), but you do have the option of
removing the bonnet.
With the MKII, everything was dry, so I put the driveshaft into the tunnel
before putting the engine/tranny in, had to drop the rear of the engine by ~
6" on the hoist and still had to do a bit of fiddling to squeeze the trans by
the heater box. Did it all by myself and it was in in around an hour.
With the BE, everything was full, the worst part was getting the driveshaft
down the tunnel without hanging up on things, otherwise it was about the same
with the exception of needing more lift on the bonnet (I left it attached to
the supports).
As someone said, aligning the bolts that go up into the trans mount is tough,
I used a lady slipper to feel for the edges of the threads and then moved the
trans in the direction of the most protruding edge- not too bad, just don't
tighten ANYTHING until all of the bolts are started.
The MKII is SOOO close to running now, I'm chomping at the bit. Last night I
found that i had to put the carbs onto the 1100 intake manifold that I had
(didn't even know I had one) so that it fits with the LCB header, while I had
it apart, I had (?) to radius all of the internal edges and then taper the
insulators to ease the transition to the intake-I hate sharp changes in flow
diameters). It should be running this weekend, only one week behind schedule!

Mark Haynes
It only goes one way-Pay it Forward

Hello David,

     I've been waiting for you to weigh in on this debate...

     I've done it both ways too. It's a pain to get all the bolts back
     in the bell housing, but no more pain than trying to slide the
     whole works in and line up the bolts under the car into the
     tranny. .....

     Also, BE's ARE different than Square Bodied Cars. I've never done
     either in a BE.

     10 of one kind, half score of another....

Best regards,
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