[Spridgets] Toilet Energy, No LBC

derf derf247 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 08:00:45 MDT 2011

> The last administration started two wars and instead of raising taxes to pay
> for them, as has always been done before, they LOWERED taxes.  Naturally,
> the resulting debt and the worst recession since the Great Depression was
> Obama's fault.  Amazing how that works.

So, what has Oprah's messiah done to fix this?

Clinton takes credit for the prosperity during his administration that
was set on track previous to it.  He cleverly steered the ship that
was set in motion by his predecessors.
You can't have it both ways.
Obama may not have started it but here we are in the middle of it and
in the middle of his term.
I don't blame Obama for problems, only his lack of solutions.  "It's
the economy, stupid."
So far, Obama's change has not been positive for me or, IMO, the country.

Who's on deck for 2012?

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