[Spridgets] No LBC...Looking for a part

Macy Larry lmacy at mac.com
Mon Sep 13 08:39:52 MDT 2010

But does it have Corinthian Leather??


On Sep 12, 2010, at 22:42 PM, David Riker wrote:

> I am looking for a right front cornering lamp assembly (preferably) or just
> the lens for a 1978-79 Chrysler Cordoba.  I came across the car really cheap
> (free) and am freshening it up just a tad.  62000 original miles.  I think
> grandma thought she was parking a compact, lots of door dings, other than
> that, pretty straight car.
> Hoping someone might stumble across one when they are out visiting a
> pick-n-pull.  I already had local junk yard do a search, no luck around here.
> Thanks
> Dave Riker
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