[Spridgets] Paul Asgeirsson update

Linda Grunthaner grunthaner at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 19:52:23 MDT 2010

Thanks I especially like the part where Joey says they are keeping New Blue
so "they" can tinker with it together and to help his dad keep his identity
: )

On Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 4:09 PM, <uniquelittlecars at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Group,
> Here is a message from Joey Asgeirsson - (Paul's son).
> I thought some of you would like an update.
> He seems to be doing about the same, some days are better than other etc.
>  His
> short term/immediate memory is not really improving like I thought it
> would,
> he made such large and fast strides in the first few months and I hoped
> that
> would continue.  His therapies are going fine too.  Because of his
> insurance,
> his speech therapy has stopped, he reached a plateau and was not showing
> anymore "improvement" so unfortunately Medicare won't pay for anymore
> sessions
> until it is "needed".  It's very frustrating and I tried to get them to
> maybe
> fudge a little on their evaluation so he could continue treatment but they
> would not.  I suppose it's good that he has progressed to the point that
> they
> feel he no longer requires it, but it is obvious to me that it should
> continue.  I will have him re-evaluated in the next few months.
> We are in San Diego now and getting settled.  We have been here for a few
> months, but just recently moved into our new house.  It is nice to be able
> to
> see my Dad more often and I know he enjoys being around the family.
>  Janene's
> brothers have young kids (9mo. and 2 yrs.) and we had everyone over for a
> pool
> party last weekend.  My dad was all smiles watching Madison and the little
> ones play.  We have seen him quite a bit.
> We have got together to go out to dinner more then a few times..
> I was up in Portland a couple of weeks ago getting his house ready to sell,
> you would not recognize the place,. We power washed the exterior and did a
> of yard work, trimming and clearing out etc... The interior is also all
> cleaned and repainted, we pulled up all the carpets to expose beautiful
> wood
> floors!  Tom will be there next week to tackle the garage.  We have sold
> "Old
> Blue", the van and a convertible shell, but I think we are going to keep
> "New
> Blue" so we can have something to tinker with together.  I also think I
> will
> help him with keeping or maintaining his identity.
> Joey
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