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Thanks for sharing.  Paul is a great guy.  I miss him up here in the NW.

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Snohomish, WA
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Here is a message from Joey Asgeirsson - (Paul's son).
I thought some of you would like an update.

He seems to be doing about the same, some days are better than other etc.  His
short term/immediate memory is not really improving like I thought it would,
he made such large and fast strides in the first few months and I hoped that
would continue.  His therapies are going fine too.  Because of his insurance,
his speech therapy has stopped, he reached a plateau and was not showing
anymore "improvement" so unfortunately Medicare won't pay for anymore sessions
until it is "needed".  It's very frustrating and I tried to get them to maybe
fudge a little on their evaluation so he could continue treatment but they
would not.  I suppose it's good that he has progressed to the point that they
feel he no longer requires it, but it is obvious to me that it should
continue.  I will have him re-evaluated in the next few months.

We are in San Diego now and getting settled.  We have been here for a few
months, but just recently moved into our new house.  It is nice to be able to
see my Dad more often and I know he enjoys being around the family.  Janene's
brothers have young kids (9mo. and 2 yrs.) and we had everyone over for a pool
party last weekend.  My dad was all smiles watching Madison and the little
ones play.  We have seen him quite a bit.
We have got together to go out to dinner more then a few times..

I was up in Portland a couple of weeks ago getting his house ready to sell,
you would not recognize the place,. We power washed the exterior and did a TON
of yard work, trimming and clearing out etc... The interior is also all
cleaned and repainted, we pulled up all the carpets to expose beautiful wood
floors!  Tom will be there next week to tackle the garage.  We have sold "Old
Blue", the van and a convertible shell, but I think we are going to keep "New
Blue" so we can have something to tinker with together.  I also think I will
help him with keeping or maintaining his identity.

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