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David Booker tncarnut1 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 1 19:22:56 MDT 2010

Yes I'm sure the car will need a lot, but the person she was talking to about
doing the work is very capable and knowledgeable of these cars. As for wanting
originality - I didn't get that at all from her. She just wants to be able to
drive her car again and is uncomfortable about the manual tranny. I suggested
B1800 engine and tranny or maybe a Pinto drivetrain a couple of days ago.
is already one person in the club with a Volvo drivetrain in his TD
groan, this was a swap done to his car many years ago and was
apparently a 
popular one in years past).

I also agree that finding an
already matched engine and tranny would be far 
easier than a bunch of
fabrication. But this has certainly turned into an 
interesting discussion of
what if's and what could be's.

David Booker
Long Island
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Agreed, and if the
car needs the make over anyway then just find a good, non
stock engine/tranny
combination that fits the easiest.

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This woman is very ill advised.  She wants an auto but wants originality. 
can't have both.
If she has the desire and money the car needs taking to a
shop and fully 
re-building.  After 25 years standing it will need it.  If she
hasn't the 
money, let her dream on, from the sounds of it you'll waste time
trying to 
get her to sell.

It's generating a nice discussion about auto
boxes though.

Guy R Day

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Automatic transmission

> "Do you think the mechanic can talk her into
leaving her car alone and 
> build a
> replica using more modern parts?"
Steve, Nope - a fake one would not cut
> it.
> I spoke with her a while on
Sunday afternoon too. She came to our MG
> Club's
> invitational show at the
Vanderbilt museum. The car was a gift from
> her parents
> for her 16th
birthday. She is very attached to it and wants to
> drive it again,
> but has
not driven anything with a clutch in over 25 years
> (the car is
> absolutely
complete has been stored in a garage for at least that
> long). The car
> will
need a thorough going through in addition to the
> automatic.
> There were
some very nice TD's at the show and she really wants
> to drive her car
agian - she's just afraid of stopping and starting on the
> hills of Long
> North Shore. She seems to be a very nice lady, and I
> got the
distict impression
> she represents some of the old money that still
> resides
in that area.
> David Booker
> Long Island (south shore)

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