[Spridgets] Fuel Pump HELL......suggestions for a "GOOD" fuel pump please.

Linda Grunthaner grunthaner at gmail.com
Sat May 15 14:50:35 MDT 2010

I tried to jump start again but no go,,,,it barely turns over and I started
to smell something right around the cap/starter area and a tiny bit of
smoke.....I gave up and I started to push her into the driveway my new
neighbor came over and gave me a hand .......Yippi she is back in the
driveway now to figure this out. I will check the belt but wouldn't a strong
battery of 12 volts turn this over? Could it be the starter itself? How do I
test the starter? I am at a total loss so I need to test everything don't I?
Did I burn out the cap? Generator? What are the best steps to start with? I
have all of my books but need a little guidance.

Yes I do need an OHSHIT Day. But tomorrow I'll be out of town and next
weekend I'll be at a class trip and will miss Carlisle although I may drive
out at crack of dawn on Sunday. Perhaps the following weekend after Carlisle
for an OSHIT Day? Till then toss out some stuff i should be testing today.

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> Make sure you belt is tight.  ...bill in corvallis
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> Bigger problem now. I wanted to just get the car into the driveway (I left
> it on the street) before I removed the fuel filter on the inside port. The
> battery seems dead barely a turnover although the fuel pump sounds great.
> so
> I am getting electricity.  I tested the battery with my digital multi-meter
> I have 12 volts at the battery which should be enough, right?. I used my
> Saturn as a jump start and got nothing from the Sprite, nothing as though I
> didn't hook up the jumper cables hardly turned over like a completely dead
> battery. I don't get it. FYI When I fired her up the last few times this
> last week and today the battery seemed weak and bearly turned the engine
> over and then caught a spark to start. The battery is 4 years old I
> disconnect when not using but I thought 12 volts from my multi meter was
> OK.
> I'll look for my battery tester as I may have a dead cell. But what really
> annoys me is the jump did nothing to the starting I thought it would turn
> over at least. What else should I check or should I just get another
> battery? I need to get the car into the driveway and not embarrass myself
> by
> asking a neighbor to help me push it.
> Please send suggestions ASAP....UGH!
> Linda Disgusted in NJ
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