[Spridgets] bugeye won't start

Frank Clarici spritenut at comcast.net
Fri May 7 19:50:57 MDT 2010

On 5/7/2010 2:06 PM, Shop at " Just Brits " wrote:
> << A wee bit of ether in the carbs, to see if it will fire? >>
> Since nobody else has commented, I will -:) Brad.
> Absolutely a NO-NO ["starting fluid", DITTO]. TOO flammable/explosive !!
> I saw a motor actually blow-up around 25 - 30 years ago which included
> TWO [2] holes in the side of the block [rods # 1 & #3] and a rod
> 'saddle' thru the pan.

Must have been a Chevy.
I use ether every now and then on problem starts.
It works.
And lately my leaf blower is addicted to the stuff, it needs it each start.

Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ
Lots of Sprites

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