[Spridgets] Chinese Manufacturers

derf derf247 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 17 14:48:27 MDT 2010

The Chinese can and do make excellent stuff.  They will build you a
Space Shuttle if you have enough money.
The problem is the Importers.  The Importers go to China and ask for
stuff made to their specs.  They import the stuff and sell it.  If
they asked for better stuff, they would get better stuff, but, it
would cost more.
The Chinese aren't importing this stuff.  Harbor Freight isn't a
Chinese company.  They are a privately held American company.  Someone
at Harbor Freight asks for and gets exactly what they want from the
Chinese.  To me it defies the laws of economics that they can sell a
jack or some other tool for less than it would cost to buy the steel
to make the tool.

I have an old Yamaha guitar that is one of those guitars.  Before I
got it a guy gigged with it for a living for almost a decade.  My
friend got it and his daughter sat on it and cracked the neck.  I
traded for it, fixed it, and still have it.  Everyone who knows
guitars and plays it has something to say about how nice it plays.  It
wasn't the most expensive and has certainly had a lot of use but it is
just one of those sweet sounding, sweet playing guitars, even years
after I glued the neck back together.

Before China started making junk for export Japan was doing it.  Now
Japan makes high quality stuff.  China CAN make high quality stuff,
but someone has to order and pay for it.

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