[Spridgets] Midget 50th Anniversary event in 2011

Ed's Shop shop at justbrits.com
Mon Mar 16 17:23:46 MST 2009

<<Good work on getting seven excellent proposals for Midget 50 in 2011.>>

Yeah Lee, just too bad three (3) of the links DON'T work<G>!!
I just LOVE it when:
a] when the proposals aren't even ON the site but on somebody's lame
personal site<G>!!
b] when site "author" doesn't check his OWN 'work'<G>!!

<<A motion is on the table. Do I hear a second?>>

Second (and for the reasons you wrote !!).

And I ALSO 'second' divaD beiL's idea of:
"Could you give us an "all of the above" option?"


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