[Spridgets] Midget 50th Anniversary event in 2011

Lee Fox lee.fox at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 16 14:59:42 MST 2009


Good work on getting seven excellent proposals for Midget 50 in 2011.

One question. Why limit the voting to only five days?

That seems awfully restrictive and would limit the voting potential for 
no good reason that I can determine.

What about all those folks that get  don't get to read their email 
everyday? I know if I get busy I can easily get backed up and be a week 
behind before I know it.

As a fellow "President" of the Sprite-Midget Club USA, I propose leaving 
the balloting open at least until the 15th or, better yet, the entire 
month of April.

This way we can also have some good discussion about the merits of each 
proposal before we finally cast our ballots.

I'll even supply the purple ink for our fingers to show we've voted.

A motion is on the table. Do I hear a second?

Lee Fox
President, Sprite-Midget Club USA
Gateway Region

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The deadline for submissions of venue proposals has now passed and there are
7 proposals posted to the Sprite - Midget Club USA website  <
http://www.Sprite-MidgetClub.org>.  Click on the "Midget 50th" tab.

All the proposals are excellent and this one will certainly be a tough
choice that everyone gets to make. You now have until April first to read
through all the proposals. Voting will begin on-line from the website
beginning April 1st and ending April 5th. Many thanks to Mike Rambour who is
setting up an on-line voting system which will not only tally the votes for
everyone's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice, but will also ensure that we don't have
any ballot box stuffing. One vote per person, please, when the voting
begins. Who votes?  All of you do. Since the membership of the Sprite-Midget
Club USA is open to all (Sprite and Midget enthusiasts) you don't have to go
through any formal membership process. The club has no meetings, no dues and
everyone is a President!  More information is on the website....

Many thanks to all the wonderful folks who submitted proposals. We expected
2 or 3 and we got 7 excellent bids. If you see or correspond with any of
these people, be sure to offer you sincere thanks to them for throwing their
hat in the ring!  Thanks to their interest and effort the "50 Years of
Midgets" celebration will be the best in the land!!
-- Cheers!! Jim Johnson Sprite-Midget Club USA President

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