[Spridgets] Help with Rivergate Question

Hal Faulkner frog.aye at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 19:02:58 MDT 2009

I purchased a rebuilt datsun tranny from a local transmission house for
$550.It did not have the throw out bearing fork, or the shift lever.  You
may be able to find such local to you.  My guy had two which had been
sitting on his shelf for a few years.  I don't know if he stilll has the
other one, but I can check if you want.  NFI, etc.
If you are on the Spridgets list, the place to get your adapter is
Morriservice.  It is run by Paul A. who is a list member and who can tell
you more than you need to know about A series gear boxes and drive trains.
Thankfully, he is back on the list after an absence.
One difference between the Rivergate kit and Paul's is that Paul's kit uses
the Datsun clutch and not a specially made clutch plate.
YMMV.  Other spridgeteers may have different opinions.

On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 12:34 AM, Kirk Hargreaves <khargreaves2 at gmail.com>wrote:

> List. . . .
> Please advise. . .
> What can I expect the cost will be to do the Rivergate conversion?  I know
> that the variable is the cost of the gear box, and finding one.  Possibly
> someone on the list has a lead on a Datsun gear box?
> If I cannot score a Datsun box at the local Pick and Pull (which will
> probably be the case) what, ballpark, might I expect to spend on one?
> I realize that my questions are a bit vague, but any ideas are appreciated
> just the same.
> Also, I think I recall reading that someone who is on the list has their
> own
> kit that they sell.  . and it is an improved kit over the Rivergate?
> If I come up with a suitable Datsun box, of course the correct one going by
> the description on the Rivergate site, do I have to have it re-built, or is
> there some leeway in terms of how many miles it might have on it?
> My Datsun truck that I had when I was around 20 years old was a solid
> vehicle.  It was running at 140k miles as well as it did when I bought it
> brand new.  My guess is that these Datsun gear boxes are fairly hardy
> units.
> I would be tempted to put the gear box in just as I find it. . . take a bit
> of a chance knowing that these things are as solid as they are.
> "I will take my answer off the air."
> Thanks!
> Kirk
> 59 BE
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