[Spridgets] Help with Rivergate Question

Kirk Hargreaves khargreaves2 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 01:34:40 MDT 2009

List. . . .

Please advise. . .

What can I expect the cost will be to do the Rivergate conversion?  I know
that the variable is the cost of the gear box, and finding one.  Possibly
someone on the list has a lead on a Datsun gear box?

If I cannot score a Datsun box at the local Pick and Pull (which will
probably be the case) what, ballpark, might I expect to spend on one?

I realize that my questions are a bit vague, but any ideas are appreciated
just the same.

Also, I think I recall reading that someone who is on the list has their own
kit that they sell.  . and it is an improved kit over the Rivergate?

If I come up with a suitable Datsun box, of course the correct one going by
the description on the Rivergate site, do I have to have it re-built, or is
there some leeway in terms of how many miles it might have on it?

My Datsun truck that I had when I was around 20 years old was a solid
vehicle.  It was running at 140k miles as well as it did when I bought it
brand new.  My guess is that these Datsun gear boxes are fairly hardy units.

I would be tempted to put the gear box in just as I find it. . . take a bit
of a chance knowing that these things are as solid as they are.

"I will take my answer off the air."


59 BE

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