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This is actually really interesting, I have been following this story (both
on this list as well as more mainstream sources of news) since the comment
was made weeks ago.  Somehow, this is the first intelligent answer I have
heard as to why Palin's comment was remotely valid.

I've deleted several overly political rants, and have settled on this:  If
this is true, (which I expect it is) and Palin is remotely qualified to be
VP and likely President; why was she incapable of providing such a lucid
answer in a timely manner and instead hid behind charges of sexism?  On the
upside, so long as she never faces another foe as tough as Katie Couric,
then I guess we'll probably be OK.


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Alaska has carried on a trade agreement with Russia for many years.  
Russian fishing vessels come into all Alaskan ports for supplies and to 
trade.  American Coast Guard vessels and helicopters pick up sick and 
injured Russian seamen and bring them to Alaskan hospitals for 
treatment.  The Governor must  confer with Russian officials to arrange 
their transfer to Russian hospitals or back to their vessels when their 
condition stabilizes.  Russian airliners land in Anchorage.  An 
interesting fact about Aeroflot - all platforms are equipped with a tail 
gunner position.  All that is necessary to ready them for war is to 
remove the passengers.


Bill Gilroy wrote:
> I can see the ocean so I clearly am qualified to be the Sectary of the
> Navy.  Sort of makes the point.
> Admiral Gilroy
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