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Sat Sep 27 11:34:24 MDT 2008

When I lived in Connecticut, I lived about 25 miles north of Paul Newsman's 
home in Westport, CT.  One evening a group of us went out to dinner about half 
way to Westport and who was there, but Paul, his wife Joanne and another 
couple.  We were all aware of how private he was, so didn't make a commotion.  When 
they left, just as we were too, they walked by our table and he nodded and 
smiled.  Our ladies almost wet their drawers!
We got to the parking lot to see him drive off in his VW Beetle.  It was 
known that he had a Porsche engine in it.
What ever he did in life, he did well.
Rudy (now in NC)

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