[Spridgets] Odd fuel pump question

Bill Masquelier billmasq at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 25 17:25:20 MDT 2008

Two possibilities that I can think of right off-
1/ the crud in the fuel tank is holding one of the check-valves (one-way
valves) partially open and not allowing pressure to build-up, thus it
continues to tick (do you have a filter between the tank and the pump?).
2/ the pump diaphram is ruptured and a fire is imminent, be careful. If any
fuel is leaking from the wrong places of the pump them DON"T use it!.

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> I thought so too so I cleaned them out.  I do not have any gas leaks now,
> but the pump never stops like it did before.
> I'm just worried something will blow while driving it.  I was amazed how
> much gas pours out when it has no where to go anymore...
> I recall someone saying something about it sucking air somewhere?
> Chris
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> Chris,
> It seem like you got a small particle stuck in the float needle
> valve.  "Clean" gas may not be really clean.  Are you using fuel
> filters?
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