[Spridgets] john , NJMP in millville info?

John Caffrey jdc6 at Lehigh.EDU
Thu Sep 25 07:26:51 MDT 2008

Guy Weller wrote:
> Matt,
> <<the timing gear was "rekeyed" to 102 teeth..>>
> Not sure that really makes any sense.  But "Rekeyed to 102 DEGREES might.
> The cam shaft may have been set to 102 degrees ATDC for max lift on #1 inlet
> valve. This could be done with vernier timing gears, a stepped woodruff key
> or a re-cut keyway.
> Depending on the cam shaft specification 102 degrees could make sense.
> Guy
I think Guy is correct, and if it was timed at 102 degrees we know why 
there is intake valve interference. The cams I've used had recommended 
timing at 110 degrees ATDC. With the 948 we advanced 2 degrees and 
that's a long way from 102. Typically the cam will retard as the chain 
wears, so it may have been incorrectly assembled?
Fogelsville, PA

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