[Spridgets] john , NJMP in millville info?

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<<the timing gear was "rekeyed" to 102 teeth..>>

Not sure that really makes any sense.  But "Rekeyed to 102 DEGREES might.
The cam shaft may have been set to 102 degrees ATDC for max lift on #1 inlet
valve. This could be done with vernier timing gears, a stepped woodruff key
or a re-cut keyway.

Depending on the cam shaft specification 102 degrees could make sense.


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my grandfather blew it, never went over 6500 there was a 7000 rev limit chip
on the msd. I think the clearances were incorrect and I think the timing was
incorrect. i was told the timing gear was "rekeyed" to 102 teeth... if that
means something to you.
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