[Spridgets] 73 RWA Midget FS

Marc smarc at smarc.net
Wed Sep 24 09:51:54 MDT 2008

I'm finding I have too many projects, not enough time, and am losing 
enthusiasm.  I also started blowing apart my MGB in prep for the sill 
and transmission repairs, and I could use more room to work. I put 
a TON of work into the midget over the last two years, but apparently 
the new clutch or throwout bearing I installed is defective or improperly 
installed or something. The car runs well and drives, but it does need to 
be pulled to see what's going on. There's a weird rattle / vibration thing going on.

Unfortunately, I am in the midst of replacing 50 year old windows in the 
house, and am having another crisis as the plumbing has been developing 
pin hole leaks. (When it rains it pours?) Add to that a new consulting 
arrangement that requires a lot of time, and I have just got too much on 
my plate to be worrying with the Midget. I just want to sell the car, 
and give the money to my son who's looking to buy his first car.

The Midget has completely redone brakes, new wheel cylinders, new brake 
hoses (all three), new brake master cyl, rebuilt calipers, new brake 
rotors, new wheel bearings, new slave cyl & hose, rebuilt transmission, 
new main wiring harness, replaced oil/press gauge and tach (all working 
now), new fuse box, new headlight switch, new seats, freshly painted 
engine with new timing cover and oil pan seals & gaskets, new hoses, 
thermostat, new water pump & belt, new SU fuel pump, rebuilt SU carbs, 
distributor rebuilt and recurved by Advanced Distributors, new top (needs installed) & 
more stuff.

Prior to me getting the car, the rockers / sills were redone, and the 
kingpins were replaced. Tons of receipts.

If interested, come see it soon (Baltimore), or email me for pix.



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