[Spridgets] wiring to coil

Joe Lansing kidjoevid at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 20 15:05:40 MDT 2008

I get 12 volts on either side. The points are brand new. I still get no spark. I actually get 12 volts at the primary coil wire center post.

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> Subject: RE: [Spridgets] wiring to coil
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> Date: Saturday, September 20, 2008, 6:52 PM
> First- do you have the body of the coil grounded well? This
> is required.
> Next- disconnect the distributor wire and now you should
> get 12v from either side of the coil to ground. If the dist
> wire is hookled up then you may or may not get 12v (depends
> on if the points are open or closed)
> I will bet that either your coil isn't well enough
> grounded or your points are dirty if you aren't getting
> spark.
> Bill
>  Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2008 10:34:47 -0700> From:
> kidjoevid at yahoo.com> To: spridgets at autox.team.net>
> Subject: [Spridgets] wiring to coil> > I'm
> double-checking myself on the wiring for my coil. Is this
> correct? There are two leads that have always been there - a
> positive to the + side and a negative to the - side. My new
> dizzy has just one lead - this should go to the negative
> side - right?> > Also, with 12 volts in to the pos
> side, and the neg side lead back into the harness, I should
> read 12 volts if connecting a meter from ground to either
> terminal - right ?> > And if I have twelve volts
> across the terminals I should get high voltage out the
> center hi volt. terminal - right? Well, I can't get a
> spark across a grounded plug. I tried two different coils.
> Do I have 'em wired wrong? > > Joe>
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