[Spridgets] HELP Diagnosing a Clutch Problem

Chris King cbking at alum.rpi.edu
Thu Sep 18 06:52:26 MDT 2008

As has been mentioned, thrust washers could be it. Also, did you change
the throw-out bearing for the clutch? They are presssed in and are a
PITA, but that's the only other moving thing.
Is that plastic hydraulic line OK?

Chris King

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Hey All, 

The clutch is in a 1500 Midget. We recently swapped engines. All 
was fine immediately after the swap but the following symptoms have 
begun to surface; 

When the engine is off and the clutch is depressed, it feels like a 
normal clutch. (Easy to push in and release). 

When the engine is running the clutch is much more difficult to 
depress and the pressure pushing back on the pedal (pedal resistance) 
is more than when the engine is not running. 

There is no noise or vibration associated with this problem. It's 
just much harder to push in the clutch pedal with the engine running 
than it is with the engine not running. 

Any Ideas? 

Kevin V. 
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