[Spridgets] Lever Shock Fluid Recommendation

Miniac7 at aol.com Miniac7 at aol.com
Tue Sep 16 18:40:57 MDT 2008

So that means the nut (approx,13mm) that sits atop and on the side of the  
shock is the filler hole? If so, that's how I remember MGB shocks being  
The reason for my question is; I just watched an MG Midget shock  absorber 
Tech Tip You Tube video off the ChicagoLand MG site. In that  video, the guy 
doing the hydraulic fill said in order to fill the shock with  fluid, it was 
first necessary to remove the top plate off the fluid  chamber, which is held on 
by a series of screws. I wasn't planning to go  thru all that, including 
replacement of the cover plate gasket, if I could  merely unscrew the fill plug. I 
guess he was working with some other make or  model shock, other than factory 
original ????
Someone please confirm all of the above for me.
By the way, the shocks I pulled out from the Bugeye had LARGE amounts of  
free travel before any resistance was found. I have a spare set of shocks  off a 
'73 Midget that I plan to use instead. They are firm throughout the entire  
length of arm travel, so I'm thinking they'll be a more suitable candidate in  
this case.
Howard Collins
Virginia Beach, VA. 

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