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ryan.kubanoff at comcast.net ryan.kubanoff at comcast.net
Mon Sep 15 19:00:18 MDT 2008

So after multiple attempts to trace down my coolant pressurizing and coming out of the overflow bottle to no success:
radiator and heater coil removed and professionally cleaned
all hoses and pipes replaced
thermostat replaced and checked 
head gasket replaced
it was at this time i found out that the core plugs in the head had recesced about 1/16" into the head. I have been running water only since i keep pouring fluid out of the overflow after every warm day fun ride.

The car never overheated.

I told all this to an engine "specialist" that i took the car to.  I told him that the head needed to be removed and the plugs repaired.

what he did instead was: flush the cooling system "it was clean which suprised me" no kidding!! "but while i was doing this your points crapped out on me" really!! on the distributer Frank just rebuilt and had less than 25 rides on them?!! or was it the fact that you're an idiot? "so i got that fixed and your distributer came out in my hands when i touched it"  did you ever put it back in when you replaced the points?  "then when i started it back up your ignition coil started to smoke, turns out it was wired backwards"  you mean the one that I have been driving around with without any problems for a YEAR?!!!  "so some of the wires melted  but i fixed them"  WHAT you mean the fact that i can see melted wire insulation in a puddle where the positive and negative wires are stripped bare and half the wires are broken just before they dissapear into the rest of the wiring harness? those wires?

and the best "its a real pain when somebody brings a car in for overheating problems and I have to spend my time working on the electrical sysytem"  there NEVER WAS AN OVERHEATING PROBLEM YOU MORON and YOU CAUSED THE ELECTRICAL ISSUES!!!!
"oh and your bill is $571.82"
oh visa i would like to dispute a charge on my bill...

must repeat do not take car to mechanic must do work myself
do not take car to mechanic must do work myself
do not take car to mechanic must do work myself
do not take car to mechanic must do work myself

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