[Spridgets] Hi, I'm new. Please help me and my '76

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Mon Sep 15 17:29:11 MDT 2008

"Andrew Payne" wrote:
 > My name's Andrew Payne from Boone, NC.  I recently bought a 76 Midget
 > that runs pretty well, but has a lot of rust.
 > I'm not scared of welding, but I do want to be realistic.

Call me a romantic, but I wouldn't use another tub because then
it wouldn't be "your" car.  There's something special about
re-acquiring a car you used to own.

Grassroots Motorsports had an article recently on how to replace
the sills on an MGB.  Unlike most everyone who tells you to cross
brace the interior and remove the doors, they left the doors in
place and jacked up one side at a time in two places (front and
rear).  You move the jacks fore and aft to adjust the gap around
the door, then weld in your patch panels. When you are done, the
doors fit perfectly.

The article made it seem easy, but then I haven't learned to
weld yet. :)

Kent McLean
'56 100 BN2

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