[Spridgets] Point Blank, no lbc

Frank Clarici spritenut at comcast.net
Mon Sep 15 14:22:29 MDT 2008

No more jokes about Italians shooting knee caps with nail guns please.
This dumb Gu____ shot himself in his leg yesterday with a nail gun. 
Point Blank on the bare leg.
Let me tell you it hurts like all freaking hell. If you have been shot, 
you know what I mean.
Bullet, nail, same thing.
My knee hit the head of a nail gun while my finger was still on the 
trigger and I shot a 2.5"
ring shank nail into my leg. The Xray is way cool! it shows the nail 
into the bone by a good inch before the nail bent.
They cut me open and yanked the nail out with....what else? vice grips! 
I was sort of hoping for a cat's paw.
Yeah. safety first but when a co worker hands you HIS nail gun with the 
spring out of the safety head, well, don't even think about bumping you 
knee while in shorts and on a ladder. You fly off the ladder, the guys 
all say the nail missed cause they can't see it embedded in your leg a 
couple inches but let me tell you it's there. You know it!
So the stitches com out the day before Jim Johnson arrives for the Holy 
Sprite work weekend.
I wonder if I will be able to drive by then?
And I am the guy on the job always harping about nail gun safety. look 
who shots who?

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