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Fri Sep 12 06:37:22 MDT 2008

 tinydog sez:

Better than the movie "Gladiator".

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> That "lame a$$" site as you put it has done its job very nicely. There is
> little sense in having the "Journey of Redemption" page as the index now
> since the Journey is complete and the Transubstantiation is now in progress.
> I've never actually done a "sol licit" before. Please enlighten this poor
> ignorant servant.  ;-)
> If you look at the parts wanted page you'll see that virtually all of the
> needed parts have been donated. Fr. Jack has sold his Midget so the required
> funding is virtually complete. If anyone still wants to donate, point them
> to the same .pdf file at:
>   http://www.starrtech.net/~jimj/Holy_Sprite/help.pdf
> BTW, an "index" page only needs to be titled "index.html" when it is the
> opening page on the DNS and you don't want to use a full IP address - but
> you already knew that didn't you.  That "Lame a$$" site will go away when
> the project is finished. Fr. Jack doesn't do computers. He'll have his
> scrapbook on paper. If you want any of the code, grab it now. Some might end
> up on the Sprite-Midget Club website eventually. You're welcome to whatever
> you want to grab there as well.
> If you want to preserve any of this stuff on your "holysprite.org" domain
> you are more than welcome to it. I was only interested in getting the job
> done, not in preserving it for perpetuity. In two months the car will be
> complete and the job will be done.
> Cheers!!
> Jim
> On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 11:18 PM, Ed's Shop  wrote:
> >   Since that lame a** site seems to no longer START with the beginning,
> >
> > just HOW do you recommend that I intro a group to sol licit a goodly
> > donation.
> >
> > I mean what would/SHOULD be the 'index.htm' page starts with H.S.
> > being IN Joisey?!?!?!?!?!?
> >
> > Nice 'intro'.
> >
> > Or maybe a hundred here and there is no longer desired??? Interesting.

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