[Spridgets] stripes

David Booker tncarnut1 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 10 11:14:13 MDT 2008

"Also, if you paint the stripes, you can taper them so they look
better.  The original Shelby Mustangs had tapered stripes." 
I agree about tapered stripes.  A long time ago I striped my '67 Mustang in
the classic double stripes patern.  We laid out the hood stripes straight
(with tape) and found that they looked crooked.  After many hours and MANY
feet of tape, we finally came up with a tapered pair of stripes that actually
looked straight.  To get there, we ended up carefully measuring and then
marking a grid out the hood with chalk lines so we could get the opposite
tapers equal on both sides.  It was a great result in the end, but took us
most of the day to get right.  We actually ended up painting the stripes a day
late because of all the prep work.  The rear deck looked great straight, but
the hood was a bear.
On the other hand, our little cars are fairly square.  I think that straight
ones will probably look OK. 
All this talk of stripes is making me think about my little OEW Midget.  Frank
- I'll get the info on the vinyl source when I'm there for the Holy Sprite
work later this month...
 - David
'71 Midget
Long Island 

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