[Spridgets] Holy Mess

chuck cciaffone at verizon.net
Sat Sep 6 11:35:35 MDT 2008

FWIW - Hanna moved thru Durham NC with over 6" of rain but not
much wind. We were on the west side of the storm and it was easier than

Frank Clarici wrote:
> In trying to fit the Holy Bonnet to the Holy Sprite I have found some 
> DPO has altered the radiator air shroud which moved the locating pegs by 
> only one inch.
> And I found out why the hinge adjustment keeps moving.
> The hinge pockets have been ripped out of the firewall. The whole cowl 
> is loose along the top welds and the pockets for the hinges are actually 
> ripped a couple inches across the firewall, you can see the rip open up 
> when you wiggle the hinges.
> All I can think of is the original bonnet must have flew open to do this 
> damage. I hope I can get it back where it belongs and welded up. I 
> already cut the PO welds and the pegs will move the inch they need to.
> But now Hanna is starting to kick up and there is no room in the garage 
> to weld with all the parts, 2 Sprites, and the bonnet.
> The car is still outside and my brother and I got it back up on the jack 
> stands after I accidentally nudged to too hard last night and it fell 
> off the stands.

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