[Spridgets] Somebody calm my mind....

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I must be coming in late on this one, as I donlt know who's asking the question. If I can get his email address, I'd be happy to send him a few pictures of the coiled hard line.


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> If you leave it, you will play merry hell the next time (and there will be 
> a
> next time) you have to pull the engine. If it were me I'd put the flex 
> line
> in. Do you have the gusset on the passenger side frame for the flex line? 
> If
> not it might be a bit tricky but still doable to install flex line. IMHO,
> lack of flex line is why your hard line is buggered!  There is a reason it
> was designed with a flex line and not a hard line. You've apparently found
> it.

But it WASN'T "designed with a flex line". The flex line didn't start until 
1967 per Horler.
To go to a flex line would require replacing the slave cylinder with a later 
model and welding a tab on the subframe to hold the end of the line. This 
car came from the factory with a hard line with a few coils near the end to 
add "flex". It will work fine that way. Someone take a picture of their 
proper hard line setup with the coils and email it to him.
David Lieb 
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