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If you leave it, you will play merry hell the next time (and there will be a
next time) you have to pull the engine. If it were me I'd put the flex line
in. Do you have the gusset on the passenger side frame for the flex line? If
not it might be a bit tricky but still doable to install flex line. IMHO,
lack of flex line is why your hard line is buggered!  There is a reason it
was designed with a flex line and not a hard line. You've apparently found


On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 4:58 PM, Dave G. <dmg at bossig.com> wrote:

> After reading a few more replies..
> A bit more information on this har clutch line thingy..,..if you don't mind
> ;-\
> The body is a very early '65 - wind up windows but with the totally
> removeable
> top.
> The engine probably originally *was* a 1098 (or 1198) with a smooth case
> tranny.
> But now the beast has a 1275cc with a ribcage tranny...
> I've had two replies that said "leave it" and two rplies that said"put a
> flex line
> in"....
> So.... should I re-engineer it to have a flex line?? Or should I just
> replace the
> butchered hard line with a new one from the M/C to the slave?
> I don't have enough experience with spridget hydraulics to make the
> decision
> on my own.....
> I'll go with the majority opinion...
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