[Spridgets] A journey of a thousand miles..........

Glen Byrns grbyrns at ucdavis.edu
Mon Jun 30 15:51:56 MDT 2008

Jeesh!!! A journey of a thousand miles doesn't get you where it used to.

Actually, about 1200 found me here in a Super8 in Salt Lake City at 
1:00pm at 100 deg and roasted from the trip from Cheyenne.  So i'm punked 
out in SLC until the wee hours when it becomes fit for man with beast, to 
twist a phrase.
The engine is still stronger than I am, but Bugsy is loving the attention 
at the rest stops and gas stations.  I must have been approached by a 
dozen people between here and Missouri.   Five hippies in a compact full 
of camping gear were envious of my luxurious accomodations.  We met while 
photographing the same prarie dog at a rest out of Laramie.  But thats 
another story.  So is taking a huge jolt from a blown truck tire.  Big 
black mark on the right side but no damage and the gauges held steady, so 
no big whoop.

Extensive drafting since Cheyenne yieled 44mpg and 46mpg tanks.  Sweet.

Glen Byrns

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