[Spridgets] smoking release bearing?

Peter C peter at nosimport.com
Mon Jun 30 08:16:57 MDT 2008

Before I regale everyone with my successful journey home from LoTO.....

Marc, How about you attach the ground strap from the tranny to the 
chassis. That way you wont be boiling the clutch fluid in the pipe 
and your slave can release, and the smoke and smell will go away.  If 
one is not provided, the engine WILL find a ground. The throttle 
cable route is even more exciting.
         At least that's my take.

Peter C.
recovering Miniholic

At 08:47 PM 6/29/2008, Marc wrote:
>Need some advice -
>To make a long story short, I pulled my engine & trans, installed a new
>clutch, pressure plate and carbon release bearing. Installed a new slave
>hose and cylinder (hose was cracked, cylinder was sort of seeping).
>Installed a rebuilt transmission.
>After much difficulty bleeding the stinking clutch, I was rewarded with
>a solid clutch pedal, good action.
>Only problem, the clutch just would NOT release. Not able to shift into
>gear at all. If starting in gear, a little clutch action was observed,
>but it wouldn't fully release. Visual inspection showed good travel,
>could see the release bearing releasing the plate...
>At that point I was fully convinced I had done something stupid,
>backwards clutch disk or something. So, today I pulled the motor & trans
>again. The clutch was properly oriented, and everything looked ok.
>The old clutch was actually OK, might have been fairly recent from it's
>looks. I only replaced it because it seemed the sensible thing to do
>while I had everything out and apart. So, at a loss as to what the
>problem was, I reinstalled the original pressure plate and clutch and
>put it all back together. I left the new carbon faced bearing installed
>in the fork. There was a roller type bearing that I had originally
>removed, but it had a plastic body with obvious thermal damage...
>Clutch now releases and acts like it should, save for one problem: On
>the initial testing, my son noticed some white smoke - I got out to look
>and there was a fair amount of white smoke coming out of the top
>inspection hole on the transmission. I've smelled roasted clutch before,
>that's NOT what this smelled like. It smelled more like a burning
>electrical component....
>Incidentally, while I did not see any smoke with the new pressure plate
>& clutch installed, I did smell the exact same smell, so likely this
>occurred as well, but not to the same extent as I was unable to drive
>the car then.
>Now what?? Could there be a problem with the new release bearing? I hate
>to think I have to pull the engine a third time...

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