[Spridgets] smoking release bearing?

David Riker davriker at nwi.net
Sun Jun 29 22:38:03 MDT 2008

I'm going to make some guesses, as it has been over ten years ago that I 
switched to the Datsun Transmission and clutch.

The original carbon throw out bearing really shouldn't be called a bearing 
at all.  It is a slow wearing carbon face that always is in contact with the 
metal face on the pressure plate fingers.  Kind of like a "clutch in a 
clutch" arrangement.  Since you installed the old pressure plate with the 
new carbon bearing, the metal face could have been scarred or worn in such a 
way that it is rapidly scraping away at the carbon surface.  this seems 
likely since it had a roller bearing before, which would have left scrapes 
in the metal part of the pressure plate.

Also likely, any grease, oil or dirt between these two surfaces, i.e. if oil 
got on the carbon bearing, it would burn off.  This would be less of a 
problem than the other senario, as eventually all of the oil will burn away.
Solution, live with it till it fails, or pull it out again, and replace the 
pressure plate and throw out bearing as a pair, never just one or the other. 
My preference is the roller style bearing, but it's kind of like cats and 
politics around here, we seem split 50/50 on which is best.  My experience 
is that the roller bearing always made some noise, but functioned far longer 
than the carbon bearings did.

Permanent solution is to put in the Datsun 5 speed kit from Paul A. of this 
David Riker
74 Midget
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> Need some advice -
 So, at a loss as to what the
> problem was, I reinstalled the original pressure plate and clutch and
> put it all back together. I left the new carbon faced bearing installed
> in the fork. There was a roller type bearing that I had originally
> removed, but it had a plastic body with obvious thermal damage...
> Clutch now releases and acts like it should, save for one problem: On
> the initial testing, my son noticed some white smoke - I got out to look
> and there was a fair amount of white smoke coming out of the top
> inspection hole on the transmission. I've smelled roasted clutch before,
> that's NOT what this smelled like. It smelled more like a burning
> electrical component....

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