[Spridgets] Arrived!!!!

David Woerpel dwoerpel at wi.net
Mon Jun 30 07:11:12 MDT 2008


Sure sounds like Tequila time to me!  Can't wait to hear other homeward 
Glad you made it home safely.  Squeal like a pig!
59 :{)

Brad Fornal wrote:
> Martha and I took 12 hours for the 550 mile trip. We lost a tire on the
> borrowed trailer in Caney OK. The thing had been getting squirrelly and
> would sway side to side when we hit any bumps. We were doing 60 mph on the
> way home, rather than the 70-75 that we did on the way up. It was not a huge
> surprise when the tire went.
> Unfortunately for us, the guy who loaned us the trailer, didn't know what
> the bolt pattern of the tire was, so I wasn't able to procure a spare prior
> to leaving. So I was regaled to unloading the Sprite, removing the bar from
> the trunk, and fitting a 15" trailer tire in there, and start searching for
> someone willing to change a tire at around noon on Sunday.
> There was a truck stop down the road, and the gal behind the counter was
> kind enough to place a few calls for me. The first place, the lady on the
> other end started yelling, when she asked if Otis (swear on a Bible, that
> was his name) wanted to change a tire. The next place was willing, so down
> the dirt roads I ran.
> Talk about banjo time.....
> I pull up into the driveway, and a little boy, about 9 or 10 comes out to
> the car, 3 dogs in tow. Little sis arrives while I am trying to unwedge the
> remains of the tire from the boot. I get it out just in time to see an aging
> biker come out. He directs me to his shed, which houses a bike, a trike, and
> a tire changing machine. I was avoiding bumping the fender on the trike the
> entire time I moved around the shop helping him.
> The kids come running up with a 12 pack box, on end, with a turtle shoved in
> it, proudly showing off their new pet.
> What an experience.....
> After about an hour, we were back on the road. Thank goodness we had the
> Sprite as a "spare"....
> I also met many fine folks, and hope that we can have another "50th"
> gathering soon..

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