[Spridgets] hydrogen filling station in Los Angeles

Robert E. Shlafer pilotrob at webtv.net
Sun Jun 29 15:22:04 MDT 2008

"When gas goes to $8.00 per gallon..."

...for sure, Derf. Hydrogen normally doesn't
combust spontaneously and just blow up. 

It needs a source of ignition to burn. But combine it with dope-covered fabric and yeah...you've got a Hindenberg "flashfire"
OK! :)


Cap'n. Bob      '60 :{)

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Gas=$8 a gallon,
Hydrogen cost a fraction of that,
People won't worry about that old German Airship.

And, I think H2 may need some O2 to burn.  For auto use, surely it
will be a fuel/air mix, no?

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