[Spridgets] Removing a cut-off bolt.... Ideas??

Guy Weller guy.weller at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Jun 28 14:36:07 MDT 2008

Presumably the bolt head was cut off in the first place because the bolt was
siezed and wouldn't shift. If this is the case it is not going to be easy to
remove, especially with your limited hand tools.

I woulld not attempt to drill into the bolt as this will just weaken it.
Your best bet is to remove the seat and carpets to allow access and take it
to someone who can weld. They can then weld a nut onto the remaining portion
of the sawn off bolt.  The heat from welding will also help to loosen it.
With a nut welded on securely it should be possible to undo it.


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My beast is a '65 Sprite.
On the drivers side of the tunnel is/was a place for the seat belt securing
One of the DPO's has cut this bolt off (!) leaving less than 1/8" of bolt
showing... and then painted over it...
I would like to solicit ideas on how to remove this sawn off bolt so I can
use the
built in threaded part to install some proper seat belts...
I have no power tools --- only hand tools.

If this seems like a impossible task, has anybody had any experiences with
Moss Motors "Hook mount" or "snap mount" seat belts...e.g. their part #222-


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