[Spridgets] octane needs for 2006 Mini Cooper S

Brashear, Jack, N JNBrashear at garverengineers.com
Mon Jun 23 12:12:43 MDT 2008

Hi All.  I bought a 2006 MC S automatic when it had 10,300 miles on it.
Now it has nearly 20 grand.  The PO said she had always used 87 octane
with no problems.  Soooo, I have continued using 87 octane with no
apparent problems.  Recently I've had folks tell me to use 91+ octane.
Why??  Am I damaging anything by using the lower (and cheaper) 87
octane??  Thanks for your feedback.

Jack Brashear, PE
Project Manager /  Water

Garver Engineers
Office: 501-376-3633 Ext. 402
Mobile: 501-352-8890
E-mail: jnbrashear at garverengineers.com

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