[Spridgets] Shake Down Cruise

Lester oldsaabguy at comcast.net
Sun Jun 22 09:19:06 MDT 2008

hmm.. so maybe putting the hardtop on before I leave isn't such a bad  
idea..  got it.


On Jun 21, 2008, at 9:20 PM, Frank Clarici wrote:

> B- Evans wrote:
>> Frank the Rainman wrote:  "Now wait just a minute, I am not going to
>> stay in PennsylRAINia, but I do have to travel thru the state so it
>> will only rain on Tuesday."
>> Dear Mr. Clarici....
>> May I remind you that when we arrived in England last year, they had
>> been enjoying a brilliant six weeks of pure sun and warmth?   As soon
>> as you stepped off the airplane, England was inundated with rain for
>> the next 13 of the 14 days +/- that you were there.   Not just rain,
>> but flooding, ruined crops, and vacations turned to disasters.   Do
>> you not remember how embarrassed I was to be around the guy with the
>> little black cloud with rain over his head?    Or how I lied to
>> people, "Oh, he doesn't cause this in America"?    Do you deny that
>> the Queen herself demanded that you leave her country, an armed  
>> escort
>> of eight Bobbies bundled you into the aircraft, and as the plane
>> lifted into the air, there was heard the rousing shout from  
>> throughout
>> the land, "And don't come back!"?   And that the United States of
>> America, the United Nations and the World Health Organization all had
>> to apologize for allowing you to leave America with your known
>> devastating rain-making proclivities!
>> MR. Evans
> You forgot to mention I made Tony Blair quit too.
> Ok, so we will have 4 days of rain in the Ozarks, it's my fault.
> I'm used to it, I have umbrellas, lots of them, I buy one every year  
> in
> Carlisle, PA.
> Unlike you guys in CA, us New Jersians do not melt in the rain.
> -- 
> Frank Clarici
> Toms River, NJ
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