[Spridgets] No joy in Mudville...

David Woerpel dwoerpel at wi.net
Sun Jun 22 00:22:20 MDT 2008

B- Evans wrote:
> Jim Johnson wrote:  "Not much use in towing the damned thing to LotO now. I
> won't have any time to change out those parts even if I had eplacements.
> Guess that's it for my bringing my Spridget. Just a run of real bad luck I
> guess."
> Jim, after you have poured your heart and soul into making this dream a
> reality, it would be *criminal* for you not to bring your car to LotO and
> let those in your debt fix the problem while you manage the show.   I am
> quite sure folks would bring along any parts they remotely believed you
> might need!   That, after all, is what friends and this peculiar fraternity
> are all about.  Ask me.  I know!
> Buster
YA, what Buster said. What type of starter do you need I may have one.
59 :{)
Burlington WI

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