[Spridgets] Shake Down Cruise

B- Evans b-evans at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 21 20:16:43 MDT 2008

Frank the Rainman wrote:  "Now wait just a minute, I am not going to stay in
PennsylRAINia, but I do have to travel thru the state so it will only rain
on Tuesday."


Dear Mr. Clarici..


May I remind you that when we arrived in England last year, they had been
enjoying a brilliant six weeks of pure sun and warmth?   As soon as you
stepped off the airplane, England was inundated with rain for the next 13 of
the 14 days +/- that you were there.   Not just rain, but flooding, ruined
crops, and vacations turned to disasters.   Do you not remember how
embarrassed I was to be around the guy with the little black cloud with rain
over his head?    Or how I lied to people, "Oh, he doesn't cause this in
America"?    Do you deny that the Queen herself demanded that you leave her
country, an armed escort of eight Bobbies bundled you into the aircraft, and
as the plane lifted into the air, there was heard the rousing shout from
throughout the land, "And don't come back!"?   And that the United States of
America, the United Nations and the World Health Organization all had to
apologize for allowing you to leave America with your known devastating
rain-making proclivities! 


MR. Evans

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