[Spridgets] Off we go

Jack Laird jlaird237 at cox.net
Sat Jun 21 11:47:35 MDT 2008

Miss Agatha is so excited when I opened the door this morning and she saw the
trailer. She knows whats up it seems. She was so excited I did not even need
the choke, out the door and up the ramps. Now she is backed into the garage
for the night.

She's on, straped down, tires checked and shined including trailer tires,
straps taped, fluids checked, vacummed, and good to go. Tis a lovely sight.

Man you can just see her leaning forward. She is preaty clean but not a show
job, supose to rain on us tomorrow some. She even has a full tank of gas. Not
sure how that happened but it did. All systems go. Even put the trailer spare
tire in a very large plastic bag and stuck it in the tow cars trunk. Can't
have momas clothes getting dirty.

With her behind, sure hope she dosn't want to pass, it is like haveing a dingy
just in case.

Beep beep, Bugeye comming through. Expect to arrive late afternoon Wed.

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