[Spridgets] Sleeving master/brake cylinders - Stainless

Dean Hedin dlh2001 at comcast.net
Fri Jun 20 19:25:55 MDT 2008

In which case I apologize to Virgil for any miss-communication we may have 

FWIW,  I did contact the outfit and did get a quote,  they were very 
and called me back this morning.

While I had him on the phone I asked him about the pros and cons of
brass vs. stainless steel.

The end result is that I am going with stainless, for most of the reasons I 
had suspected
and for several other reasons that I had not anticipated..

From: Jethro
Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Sleeving master/brake cylinders - Stainless


There is some encrypted javascript at the bottom of the source for their 
home page that uses an "iframe".  It _appears_ (I'm not an expert so what do 
I know!) that it's intent was to display a counter - possibly to show how 
many times the site has been visited.

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