[Spridgets] Sleeving master/brake cylinders - Stainless

Jethro tr3.4.me at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 15:07:19 MDT 2008


There is some encrypted javascript at the bottom of the source for their
home page that uses an "iframe".  It _appears_ (I'm not an expert so what do
I know!) that it's intent was to display a counter - possibly to show how
many times the site has been visited.

I did not get any alerts but we block a lot of "bad stuff" (that's a
technical term) here at work.

It's quite possible some virus scanners may detect this as a legitimate
problem but it could just as easily be a "false positive".

The two pieces of enrypted javascript both try accessing a PHP file on a
different web address:

The address does not respond for me; it could have been taken
down, simply be offline at the moment, or it could be "blacklisted"
(blocked).  I've not taken the time to try to find out who is,
or if it's related to the resleeve.com website (which is at

On 6/20/08, Peter C <peter at nosimport.com> wrote:
> Dean,
>         I too went to the link you posted. All was fine. But then I
> went to the 'HOME" link and got the same virus alert.I did not go
> farther. I don't know how real the alert is/was, but that is what
> happened to me as well.
>         Peter C.

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