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Here's how my folks handled the 'car' issue....

Not until my Senior year... and not unless I maintained a 3.5gpa.

Then and only then, if I had the money to buy and insure a car.

Dad worked two jobs, usually six-days a week.  Mom raised us four kids.

Being the oldest, I did all the yard work, took care of plowing the garden
(200x200'), feeding the stock...as well as milking before and after school.

We cut wood Spring thru Fall; burned 11 cords a year in our old 1800's farm
house.  Fireplace only, no insulation.

Got punished...usually with a belt...almost on a daily basis.  Very strict
Dad.  Could never ask him 'why' are question what I was told to do.  "Yes
Sir" and off I went....

Looking back, life was 'typical' country life.  And I don't remember it as
being bad!

But then I'm almost 61 and don't remember things very well!

Other's stories???


On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 10:15 AM, B- Evans <b-evans at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Linda Grunthaner:  "I like to get the kids into cars young so they bug
> their
> parents for the car keys early."
> And now, a contrary opinion that many are afraid to voice.
> Sorry, but some of us believe that type of encouragement is a great
> disservice to parents of America.  Children have already become part of the
> "entitled" ones and demand more and more from their parents and others.
> Parents love their children, and want their children to be happy, and so
> wind up doing dumb things for them.  One of them is letting the kids have
> "the car keys early";  too early and without them understanding the heavy
> responsibilities of driving.   It is driving that makes the teen years up
> to
> about 25 the *most* dangerous years of a person's life.
> And people wonder how America got into its current economic mess.  Look at
> how many parents cave in to their kid who want their folks to *buy* them a
> new car.   So, the parents, to make their children happy and appear good to
> their peers, go out and buy a car with *their* money;  money they cannot
> afford to spend on such nonsense.   What ever happened to the idea that
> kids
> worked hard to earn their own money to buy a car?   It worked for me, and I
> suspect it worked for most in this group who worked for their first car.
> But, we are not of this generation.
> Buster
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