[Spridgets] summer school cars

Kate kgb at frontiernet.net
Fri Jun 20 13:05:39 MDT 2008

I have to agree.  My mother told both my brother and I that, if we wanted to
buy a car, we would need to pay for it ourselves.  I saved enough to buy my
first car by driving truck on the ranch the summer I was 15.  Mother decreed
that I would not drive it off the ranch until I had paid, in advance, a full
year of full coverage insurance.  I was angry at the time, but in retrospect
I can see that it instilled a sense of responsibility and prevented me from
driving like an idiot, at least most of the time.

During the years since, my brother and I have both bought and financed new
cars, but we now buy good used cars and pay cash for them.  Surprisingly, we
have fewer problems with them than do our friends who are making
astronomical car payments for the newest car on the block.


PS:  Does anyone know of a nice Jeep Comanche for sale?  Is anyone
interested in a good running, go anywhere, pull anything F-350 crew cab?

> kinda think that 6% interest charge we put on our loan to the kids was our
> best investment ever!

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