[Spridgets] summer school cars

B- Evans b-evans at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 20 11:15:06 MDT 2008

Linda Grunthaner:  "I like to get the kids into cars young so they bug their
parents for the car keys early."


And now, a contrary opinion that many are afraid to voice.


Sorry, but some of us believe that type of encouragement is a great
disservice to parents of America.  Children have already become part of the
"entitled" ones and demand more and more from their parents and others.
Parents love their children, and want their children to be happy, and so
wind up doing dumb things for them.  One of them is letting the kids have
"the car keys early";  too early and without them understanding the heavy
responsibilities of driving.   It is driving that makes the teen years up to
about 25 the *most* dangerous years of a person's life.


And people wonder how America got into its current economic mess.  Look at
how many parents cave in to their kid who want their folks to *buy* them a
new car.   So, the parents, to make their children happy and appear good to
their peers, go out and buy a car with *their* money;  money they cannot
afford to spend on such nonsense.   What ever happened to the idea that kids
worked hard to earn their own money to buy a car?   It worked for me, and I
suspect it worked for most in this group who worked for their first car.
But, we are not of this generation.



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