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Wed Jun 18 13:21:13 MDT 2008

Dave -

When I discovered the same problem, my examination of all the parts indicated
that the operating 'pull' rods were effectively too long as a result of
excessive play in the operating levers at the backing plates plus worn out pin
holes in the levers and the rod ends.

I bought some clevices and threaded rod from McMaster-Carr (mail order source
of everything mechanical) and assembled new rods that were adjustable in
length.  These allowed me to set up the hand brake and linkage at the
'mid-range' positions and adjust the operating rods for a perfect fit with
very little slop or play.

If anyone is interested, I can send a list of parts needed to do this.

Not original, but it works for me.

Clay L.
'67 Sprite (more or less)

-- "Dave G." <dmg at bossig.com> wrote:
Hi Folks,

The foot brake can lock all four wheels without excessive travel.
The hand brake won't lock the rear wheels!
The cable adjuster at the diff is at the end of it's range...

What can I do to make the handbrake work like it should ???

Dave G.   KK7SS
'65 MK III Sprite in Richland, WA
"Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time."
    Terry Pratchett, 'Hogfather'
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