[Spridgets] Discovery

Bill L pythias at pacifier.com
Fri Jun 13 06:43:24 MDT 2008

Hello Mike,

      this sounds perfectly logical.... As Paul A. taught me.. it
      takes three things to make a fire (or cause run on) .. Fuel,
      heat, Oxygen.. the fuel and heat are easy, its how Oxygen finds
      it way into the process that has to be located.. leaky exhaust
      connections are usually the culprit. it has nothing to do with
      "Spark Advance" or point settings, because the igntion is
      already OFF.. so the heat too, has to come from some place

      coolness that you located it... ... but it may take machining to
      get the manifold to seal to the block... too bad you've been
      fighting it for so long... ..

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