[Spridgets] Discovery

Mike Rivers beatlemikey at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 13 00:46:08 MDT 2008


 I made a discovery when I started dissassembly for the 5 speed I'll be putting in shortly.  To give a little background on this, I've been having trouble with dieseling at operating temperature during shutoff since the get go.  I noticed that the exhaust manifold pipe connection has been leaking.  There's a black exhaust mark on the block and the flange showed leakage over 50% of the sealing surface.  The pipe and clamp were brand new when I installed them 2 years ago.  Would a leaky manifold connection cause dieseling?  I've decided to replace the manifold with the 3 stud design and toss the clamp manifold.  Sound logical?

Mike Rivers 
1961 MG Midget 1275

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