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Mon Jun 9 22:49:51 MDT 2008

I would try firing the motor off in the dark. See if the porcelain has cracks in the plugs. At least this will tell you if there is any spark jumping any where else in the system too. I do not think a bad coil would kill plugs. Usually a bad coil loose voltage - That would not kill the plugs. 

Brent Wolf <wolf.brent at gmail.com> wrote: 
  Quite a fews years back, I had the same thing happen with my 66 mustang. I
went through three sets of plugs (Champion) before I said enough and put in
a different brand (Don't remember which). But upon further investigation
with my parts supplier at the time, the plugs were part of a batch of Bad
Champion plugs. Champion new about them and was recalling them. These just
happen to still be on the shelf.

On 6/9/08, Frank Clarici wrote:
> Here is one for the record books.
> Spark plugs, still clean and slightly tan after a 15 mile run, they stop
> sparking!
> Replace plugs, go 15 miles, plugs stop sparking.
> OK, if they were black, I could understand that the carbs were way too
> rich and the plugs fouled out but the plugs are fine, if not new looking.
> Bead blast the old plugs and they still do not work.
> Put in new plugs and all is fine for a few miles.
> WTF?
> This is not on my car, but it is a Sprite and if I ever have this
> problem, I would sure like to know what causes this!!!
> Any ideas?
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> Frank Clarici
> Toms River, NJ
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